It Consumes is a roguelike arena FPS set in total darkness, where you use demonic sonar to reveal your surroundings. It is a game made in the style of fast-paced twitch arena shooters, but with expanded gameplay, a slightly slower pace, and less brutal difficulty.


  • STYLISTIC VISUALS - Most objects and entities in the game are invisible until they come in contact with the player's sonar pulse, creating a visual ebb and flow as things fade in and out of sight.

  • IMMERSIVE POSITIONAL AUDIO - You may not always be able to see the monsters, but you can always hear them. Even when you're left in the dark, you will be able to accurately tell where creatures are around you.

  • RUN BASED, ROGUELIKE GAMEPLAY - There are randomly generated upgrades, permadeath, and even some secrets to discover. Different choices will encourage different styles of play.

  • MAKE SACRIFICES - Earn back some health by taking a blight, which will give you a random debuff for the rest of the run. To live longer, you'll have to learn to adapt.

  • LEADERBOARDS - As you're fighting off monsters in the darkness, you'll be increasing your score. Do better than your friends so you can say you're better at video games than they are.

  • COLOUR BLIND FRIENDLY - Due to the game's highly stylized visuals and low number of colours, some people may find it difficult to see various game elements. To alleviate this, players can change the colour of every object and visual effect in the game.


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About Chris Parbery

Chris Parbery is a solo game developer based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It Consumes is his debut game.
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